Webinar Materials: ISO 18788 – The New Standard for Responsible Security Operations

Human Analytics Senior Managing Director Rebecca DeWinter-Schmitt moderated a webinar on November 20 on the new International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard, ISO 18788 Management System for Private Security Operations – Requirements with Guidance for Use. The standard details a risk management framework for the conduct of security operations, and is invaluable to organizations providing and contracting security services. The purpose of ISO 18788 is to enable consistent provision of security services while maintaining the safety of clients and ensuring respect for human rights and national and international laws. Speakers included Marc Siegel, Commissioner, ASIS International Global Standards Initiative; Christopher Mayer, Director of Contingency Contractor Standards and Compliance, DoD; and Lisa DuBrock, Managing Partner Radian Compliance. Their remarks provided valuable information on the purpose and content of ISO 18788, its incorporation into U.S. government procurement policy and operations, as well as insight into how to implement the standard and prepare for certification. A recording of the event as well as the Power Point slides of the speakers are available on the Human Rights in Business Program’s webpage on the Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law’s website, and can be found here.

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