An effective complaints mechanism is essential to maintaining good community relationships and contributes to the continual improvement process.

No matter how effective risk identification, mitigation, and prevention measures are, there will be times when things go wrong and a party will feel aggrieved because of an organization’s operations. Companies with effective complaints mechanisms have not only embraced the responsibility to address the harms linked to their operations, but have also created a means to continually improve their performance over time. Complaints mechanisms are a way to identify where management procedures are not working the way they are intended, and to undertake corrective action. The key standards for complex environments all require that mechanisms be put in place to receive, investigate, and respond to complaints from internal and external stakeholders. We assist our clients in creating effective complaints mechanisms tailored to their needs. We also aid our clients in identifying ways to mediate and address complaints, track responses, collate and create analysis of complaints over time, and identify ways to improve management processes and operational procedures to prevent future incidents.

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