Human Analytics and InterAction conduct seminar on New ISO Management Standard for Private Security Providers


(March 11, 2016 – Washington D.C.) Earlier today Human Analytics and InterAction conducted a seminar on the new ISO 18788:2015 management standard for private security providers. Increasingly, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) are utilizing private security providers in high-risk environments. The use of such services must be managed carefully to ensure the integrity, neutrality, and outcomes of their missions.

At the same time international multi-stakeholder initiatives and management system standards have been developed to ensure the responsible provision and use of private security services in complex environments. ISO 18788:2015 Management System for Private Security Operations – Requirements with Guidance for Use (ISO 18788:2015) is the newest standard. It outlines the international normative management standards for private security providers and the organizations that utilize them. While ISO 18788:2015 is a risk management system standard, it references human rights extensively, which are at its core.

The seminar featured several technical experts that introduced the ISO 18788:2015 standard, explained how the standard relates to existing security frameworks for humanitarian and international development organizations, highlighted aspects of the changing landscape of threats and risks to humanitarian and development INGOs, elaborated on the value of the standard to INGOs that utilize or are considering the use of private security providers, discussed the provisions of InterAction’s Minimum Operating Security Standards (MOSS) and identified the potential as well as perceived challenges of ISO 18788:2015 as it relates to the INGO security.

Attendees included InterAction members, invited security professionals from both public and private sector organizations, professional standards organizations, human rights organizations, and representatives from private security providers.

InterAction is an International NGO alliance organization of over 180 member organizations that work around the world.  

Human Analytics is global consultancy that works with public and private organizations to identify and mitigate human rights risks linked to operations in complex environments.


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