Seminar on ISO 18788: The New Standard for Responsible Security Operations

ISO Webinar FlyerIn the wake of the global growth of the private security industry, a number of efforts have emerged to govern private security provision and ensure responsible security operations in complex environments, to include an international declaration, an international code of conduct, and an auditable national management system standard. Building on these efforts, as well as a growing international consensus about the human rights responsibilities of businesses, the new International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard ISO 18788 Management System for Private Security Operations – Requirements with Guidance for Use details a risk management framework for the conduct of security operations. The standard is invaluable to organizations providing and contracting security services. Two years in the making, the purpose of ISO 18788 is to enable consistent provision of security services while maintaining the safety of clients and ensuring respect for human rights and national and international laws. It stands out as the first auditable ISO standard with human rights at its core. During this seminar, which is also being live-cast as a webinar, learn more about the standard, its incorporation into U.S. government procurement policy, and how to implement it and prepare for certification.

WHEN: Friday, November 20 at 10:30am EST

WHERE: American University Washington College of Law, Room 601

Participation is free and open to the public.

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For inquiries, email the Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law at humlaw@wcl.american.edu


Dr. Rebecca DeWinter-Schmitt will moderate the seminar and speak to the standards landscape around security operations, as well as the human rights provisions of ISO 18788.

Rebecca is the Director of the Human Rights in Business Program at American University Washington College of Law’s Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian and the Senior Managing Director of Human Analytics. She has been involved in various efforts to set standards for security services and chaired the ISO U.S. Technical Advisory Group that participated in the drafting of ISO 18788.

Dr. Marc Siegel, who wrote the initial draft of ISO 18788 and chaired the Project Committee that developed the standard, will provide an introduction and overview of the standard.

Marc is the Commissioner heading the ASIS International Global Standards Initiative developing international and national risk management, resilience, security, and supply chain standards, and provides training on their implementation. Marc chaired the technical committees and working groups for the series of ANSI standards developed for private security service providers to demonstrate accountability to business and risk management requirements while meeting legal obligations and respecting human rights. Marc served as Chairman of ISO/PC284 which developed ISO 18788.

Colonel Christopher Mayer, U.S. Army Retired will address the U.S. government’s support and involvement in the development of auditable standards for security operations and their incorporation into DoD operations and procurement policies.

Chris is the Director of Contingency Contractor Standards and Compliance for the Department of Defense, responsible for policy and Department-level oversight of private security contractors (PSCs). He is DoD Program Manager for PSC standards and U.S. government technical advisor to the International Code of Conduct for PSCs. His portfolio includes human rights and anti-human trafficking policy in U.S. contingency contracting. He represented the U.S. government in the Montreux Document process.

Lisa DuBrock will speak to the steps organizations must take to implement ISO 18788 and prepare for a successful certification to the standard.

Lisa is a Managing Partner for Radian Compliance, LLC where she specializes in design and implementation for her clients of management system standards. Lisa sits on the ASIS Standards and Guidelines Commission developing American National Standards.  She has been instrumental in developing standards supporting private security companies, business continuity and organizational resilience, and was an active member of the ISO U.S. Technical Advisory Group that developed ISO 18788.