Human Analytics

Our business is human rights.

We work with our clients to help them improve organizational performance and manage reputational, operational, and legal risks through the development and implementation of human rights policies and best practices at both the corporate and program levels.

Human Analytics is a consultancy specializing in helping public and private organizations identify and address human rights risks, and associated liabilities, linked to operations in complex environments. We assess human rights risks arising from organizational practices within the context of local operating environments, and then develop actionable recommendations tailored to our clients’ needs for mitigating those risks.

We operate globally and assist clients with the human rights due diligence process to include policy and management system development, gap analysis against national and international standards, subcontractor and supply chain analysis, human rights risk and impact assessments, training, community engagement, and other related services.

Our engagement work with local communities and stakeholders facilitates constructive dialogue and creates the basis for mutual trust, community buy-in, and the social license to operate. As part of this process, we help develop and implement effective complaints mechanisms that can feed into our clients’ continual improvement processes.

Human Rights in Complex Environments


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