Investor Services

The importance of evaluating and monitoring investments for human rights risks is growing and presents several challenges for investors in today’s global capital markets. Financial institutions need to identify and mitigate how commercial lending practices and project financing, particularly in emerging markets and complex environments, may be directly or indirectly complicit in causing adverse impacts to human rights.

The Human Analytics team can assist investors by providing comprehensive analysis and engagement strategies for companies held in investor portfolios. We assist investment managers, pension funds, and other institutional investors to ensure that portfolio companies address key social performance factors and the human rights risk inherent in global operations. Our assessment of qualitative, non-financial factors provides critical insights for investors concerned with sustainability risk analysis, and are based on our expert insights into the global marketplace. With our business and human rights subject matter expertise, we have the ability to assess the scope and substance of human rights policies and due diligence practices undertaken by companies in every business sector.

Our team includes key personnel with over 12 years of experience providing political risk analysis to investors with assets valued in excess of $50 billion.