Human Rights Policy Design  

A commitment to human rights starts at the senior levels of management, but also must be embraced by personnel in the field and reflected in business practices and relationships throughout the company.

The very first step for any company seeking to express its commitment to respect human rights and to address the human rights risks linked to its operations is the development of a human rights policy statement. A sound policy statement sets the tone for designing and operationalizing a management system suitable for identifying and mitigating human rights risks and ensuring delivery of quality services. A number of national and international standards require a human rights policy – click on the tabs below to learn more.

Human Analytics assists its clients in the design of a policy commitment that reflects their organizational values. We also offer management consulting services, training, and communication and reporting services that can help ensure that the policy commitment is embedded into operations and effectively communicated to internal and external stakeholders.

Human Rights Policy Gap Analysis

At the very core of a company’s ability to meet its responsibility to respect human rights is the development of a human rights policy. A human rights policy declares a company’s commitment to human rights and the expectations it has of personnel, business partners, and others linked to its commercial activities. A sound human rights policy is the first step in implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and other relevant national and international security and human rights standards

Human Analytics can help. If you do not yet have a human rights policy, we can assist you with developing one. If you already have a human rights policy, we are pleased to offer a free and confidential preliminary analysis of your existing human rights policy to identify any gaps. Our report will assess how well your policy aligns with the Guiding Principles and other leading standards in your sector, and will offer advice on how to address any gaps.

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Click on the images below to see what various business and human rights standards require in terms of a human rights policy commitment.

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[content_tooltip id=”554″ title=”PSC.1 6.3″]
[content_tooltip id=”558″ title=”Burma Reporting Requirement 5″]

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