Our Mission

Human Analytics is committed to fostering the balance between human values and organizational objectives. Through our work with public and private sector clients in high risk environments around the world, we support the development and implementation of sustainable and rights-respecting operational practices that promote the alignment of business and economic interests with the needs and aspirations of people, communities, and other stakeholders.

Our Vision

Human Analytics assists and increases the value of organizations operating in complex environments by helping them to addresses risk through the implementation of human rights and operational best practices.

Our Values

We are committed.

We are fully committed to helping organizations better their practices in the most complex environments of the world, anywhere in the world.

We adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards. 

Wherever we operate, our team delivers services to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. We are sensitive to the impact we have on our stakeholders.

We are human values-driven and local knowledge centered.  

Our core belief is that organizations are best served through the alignment of their business and economic interests with a true understanding of the needs and aspirations of local people, communities, and other stakeholders in their areas of operation.

We deliver technical excellence in everything we do.     

We are comprised of international business, development, security, and human rights specialists. Understanding the complexities facing organizations operating in areas of transition is a critical component of our work. We deploy our expert team to serve as a trusted advisor to help align organizations’ operations with established human rights and operational best practices to ensure our clients’ success.